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Claire's Art is just STUNNING! She worked with the colour pallet of my spare room to create something bespoke and unique. I was limited on the depth the artwork could be because of a sliding door and what Claire created was just perfect. I can't wait to see where her talent takes her! Thanks Claire. 

Laura Hamilton 

TV Presenter

As a fan of Claire's work for a long time, I have always wanted one of the beautiful pieces of art she created. I couldn't decide on one, so with all the patience in the world, Claire kept showing me her new pieces, and after viewing her whole collection several times, she lead me to the perfect creation for me. I couldn't be happier, and she has been great, going above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied.

The actual art she makes is stunning and must be seen in person to get a real sense of the depth and subtlety of colours in the paints. They truly are magnificent, and I will be looking for walls to hang more of her art on in the future.

After seeing some of Claire’s stunning pieces on Facebook, I decided to contact her about a commission. From the early stages of creating the piece, Claire would ask me what my preferences where, ensuring that the artwork was 100% unique and to my liking. She put a lot of care into this piece and it clearly shows. Since displaying my piece it has been a regular talking point and is one of the key items that transforms my house into a home. I cannot thank Claire enough and I will definately be coming to her in the future for some more pieces!

Testimonials: Press

I am now the proud owner of a Claire Woolhead original. It has received lots of comments, and everyone loves it. It’s definitely one of my favourites in my collection as it’s different and colourful. I think because of the medium (it’s sprayed onto metal), the colours change depending on the time of day and the lighting. Claire is such a lovely person, she even personally delivered my piece and we had a lovely talk. I would highly recommend her artwork if you are looking for something that stands out from the crowd. I will definitely be keeping tabs on her future work and hopefully some more of her pieces will make it into my collection.

We requested a custom commission piece from Claire's artwork. This process was engaging as she communicated well and listen closely to our requests, not only regarding colour but style and size. We were buying our first home and wanted a artwork that was just ours to celebrate. We are very happy with our finished piece. I would definitely recommend purchasing one of her original artworks for any one who enjoys creative works.

We brought a beautiful piece from Claire. The painting is amazing and comes to life in different lights. So happy we cannot recommend enough. Lovely person to deal with. Pictures really don't do it the deserved justice.

Testimonials: Press
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