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My name is Claire Woolhead, I am 30 years old and live in Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.

I own Claire Woolhead Art where I create original indoor and outdoor artwork on thin sheet metal using automotive paints. The paint is UV resistant and designed for custom show cars which makes my work unique, there is a huge range of products available. The colour, depth and detailed intricacy comes to life under bright light. I also make sculptures and furniture out of various materials and substrates.

I collaborate across many industry sectors such as interior design, architecture, event management and more. My customer base has now extended to working with celebrities on a range of commercial and residential projects.

The ability to mix and individually colour match over 5,000,000 shades is a huge advantage when working with branding and colour schemes.

I used to own 72 Customs which was a classic restoration and custom paintwork business for cars and motorbikes.

It is from this business where my knowledge and use of the paints I use has grown from.

I am fascinated by science, the potential of the mind, nature and the meaning of life which influences my work although inspiration can come from many different avenues. I try to capture the incredible, complicated beauty this universe has to offer.

Art is a wonderful form of escapism, something that in some way I think we all naturally desire. In the process of producing my work, I feel free, completely absorbed in colours, shape and the thought behind the piece. The end result is then passed on to another for their own release. I believe that my purpose in life is to make people happy, to positively effect others and the world. So far, my art seems to be one of the ways I can do this.  

'Everything is transformed by creativity; it is the basis of all human progress.' - Ted Falconar

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